Africa Range natural stone and granite
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    Africa Range offers natural stone / granite in a broad range of colours, patterns, finishes and textures



    Natural stone's / granite's application extends from interior to exterior usage in both commercial and residential projects



    No matter what your vision, natural stone / granite can transfer it into your reality.


Available Africa Range natural stone / granite materials

Born in the Namibian desert, our natural stone / granite are traditionally available in the polished or honed (smooth | unpolished) finish and gaining in popularity for the outdoors is the flamed (rough textured) finish.

Other finishes include: caress, brushed, bush hammered or otherwise textured by one of many industry applications.

African Blanco   African Dream Gold   African Fantasy
Natural stone / granite - African Blanco   Natural stone / granite - African Dream Gold   Natural stone / granite - African Fantasy
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African Ivory   African Tapestry   Artosha
Natural stone / granite - African Ivory   Natural stone / granite - African Tapestry   Natural stone / granite - Artosha
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Golden Cascade   Ivory Coast   Ivory Tusk
Natural stone / granite - Golden Cascade   Natural stone / granite - Ivory Coast   Natural stone / granite - Ivory Tusk
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Juperana Tier   Juperana Lorean   Juperana Tier Classic
Natural stone / granite - Juperana Tier   Natural stone / granite - Juperana Lorean   Natural stone / granite - Juperana Tier Classic
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Juperana Tier Red   Nepson Gold   Niagara Gold
Natural stone / granite - Juperana Tier With Red   Natural stone / granite - Nepson Gold   Natural stone / granite - Niagara Gold
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Premium Black   Rosa Tier   Sage Brush
Natural stone / granite - Premium Black   Natural stone / granite - Rosa Tier   Natural stone / granite - Sage Brush
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Silver Cream   Zambezi    
Natural stone / granite - Silver Cream   Natural stone / granite - Zambezi    
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Natural stone’s / granite’s Superior Qualities:
  • Natural stone / granite is stain proof
  • Natural stone / granite is scratch proof
  • Natural stone / granite is 100% flame proof
  • Natural stone / granite is ideal as a bacteria free surface
  • Enduring life-cycle
  • High Density
  • Unique character & grandeur
  • Unparalleled variety in colours, patterns & textures
  • Aesthetically glamorous & appealing
  • Easy cost effective maintenance
  • Highly versatile in innumerable interior & exterior uses
  • Natural stone / granite does not contain hazardous man-made compounds
Eco-friendliness of natural stone / granite
  • Natural stone / granite is inherently earth-friendly. Ever growing social responsibilities & awareness focus global attention on natural stone & it’s awesome features as one of the best & most readily available “cradle to cradle” products.
  • Natural stone / granite is transformed back into earth by simply crushing it.
  • Natural stone / granite is not chemically broken down over time.
  • Greener building has embraced this versatile product as an environmentally friendly construction product that significantly contributes to making modern buildings more energy efficient.
  • Individuals, architects, designers & builders who choose to work with natural stone, all contribute to a more environmentally conscientious landscape that will make a major difference in being good stewards of precious mother earth.
  • Quarry & manufacturing best practices ensure minimal impact on surroundings. Conserving resources, preventing pollution & minimizing waste are some ways the stone industry is working to be eco-friendly through supplying a 100% natural product.

Africa Range offers natural stone / granite tiles and flooring
Africa Range offers natural stone / granite
tiles, flooring, slabs and other products in
the following brilliant colours:
Arrow African Blanco
Arrow African Dream Gold
Arrow African Fantasy
Arrow African Ivory
Arrow African Tapestry
Arrow Artosha
Arrow Golden Cascade
Arrow Ivory Coast
Arrow Ivory Tusk
Arrow Juperana Lorean
Arrow Jupearana Tier
Arrow Juperana Tier Red
Arrow Juperana Tier Classic
Arrow Nepson Gold
Arrow Niagara Gold
Arrow Premium Black
Arrow Rosa Tier
Arrow Sage Brush
Arrow Silver Cream
Arrow Zambezi
Africa Range supplies natural stone and granite internationally
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