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Stone ingrained with geological & historical memories
Stone – faithful to nature

Quality Natural Stone Materials

African Dream

Fusion of grey & gold fine-grained granite | Delicate veining | Extremely high concentration of quartz

African Fantasy

Rich, dramatic natural granite | Blend of black, grey and gold granite | Strong bold movement | Extremely high concentration of quartz

African Ivory

Earthy, warm natural granite | Rich brown & cream granite with delicate veining | Extremely high concentration of quartz

African Tapestry

Subtle, elegant natural granite | Fine-grained granite with unique white, light grey and darker grey movement | Extremely high concentration of quartz


Translucent natural stone

Alabaster Nude

Totally unique | “one of a kind” | translucent |
Suitable for bars with back lights & bespoke signature furniture pieces

Antique Cascade

Distinctive, dramatic natural granite | Gold, grey and cream granite with unique movement | Extremely high concentration of quartz


Homogenous, stylish natural granite | Subtle blend of white & grey quartz granite with small black mica flecks | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Blanco Cream

Homogenous, stylish natural granite | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Blue Diamond

Sophisticated, exclusively elegant natural granite | Blend of white, cream, grey & turquoise undertones with graphite feldspares | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Copper Canyon

Fusion of grey & gold fine-grained granite | Delicate veining | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Crystal White

Exclusive, high-end translucent marble | Suitable for bespoke furniture, table tops, counters

Golden Cascade

Exclusive marble-looking natural granite | Combination of grey & gold granite | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Ivory Cascade

Striking natural granite, perfect substitute for white marbles | Blend of white, greys & cream granite with symmetrical diagonal movement | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Ivory Coast

Popular & unique natural granite | Balanced symmetry of cream and brown granite from basis of this subtle stone | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Juperana Tier Classic

Rich gold & brown coloured granite with hints of ochre red & garnet form the basis of this unique stone | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Juperana Tier Ivory

Unique grey & cream hues | High quartz content | Stone suitable for all applications


High quartz content quartzite | 100% natural stone | Suitable for all applications

Kunene White Marble

Fusion of grey & white fine-grained marble | Delicate veining | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Golden Namib

Universally appealing & highly popular | Perfect choice to compliment all natural woods

Namib Cloud

Eternal, classic marble that transcends time | Elegant and durable, marble has adorned homes globally since time immemorial

Sage Brush

Uniquely exclusive light coloured natural granite | Blend of soft white, grey & cream | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Silver Cream

Fusion of silver & cream fine-grained granite | Extremely high concentration of quartz

White Cascade

Fusion of white & gold fine-grained granite | Delicate veining | Extremely high concentration of quartz

Granite Suppliers | Quality Natural Stone

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    Welcome to Africa Range, where passion meets quality. As distinguished granite suppliers to local and international markets, we continuously strive to provide the best raw granite, marble, porcelain and quartz materials to execute stunning finished products for wholesale and retail.

    We firmly believe that stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories that should be captured with care. This is emphasized through the earthy and exotic natural stone solutions we supply.

    With more than 20 years’ experience, we have unsurpassed industry knowledge and a distinct familiarity of the entire process. This inherent understanding affords our team the confidence to ensure that the final product our clients receive is of superior quality. Furthermore, this experience guides our team in advising our clients on which of our products will best suit their intended use.

    Our unique materials

    Our range of materials offer a lifetime of unmatched elegance and beauty to any space.

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      The high compressive strength of granite stone makes it a popular choice for a variety of uses. Composed of a high quartz concentration, feldspars, micas and other minerals, this robust material is hard-wearing, impact resistant and requires minimal maintenance.  It is available in a variety of beautiful colour choices.


      The strength and beauty of marble have been cherished for centuries, thanks to the air of sophistication it adds to any environment. When polished, this material has a sought after mirror-like finish that enhances its many applications. This material also offers a rich palette of colours and styles.


      The strength and resistance offered by quartzite makes it a preferred choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. This material can be cut and installed to exact specifications and is a low maintenance solution.

      block image of porcelain slab

      For a highly durable yet lightweight surface solution, porcelain is a practical choice. This material, with the correct sealant, is non-porous and stain-resistant. These features promote the ageless qualities of porcelain for years after installation.

      Granite suppliers to local and international markets

      The unbeatable quality of our vast range of stone solutions can be customised in size to use for a variety of purposes. No matter which aesthetic you wish to achieve for your space, our prestigious materials carry a 100% natural stone status that is unique in our industry. From production to installation, our brand is recognized for stellar service for wholesale and retail sales.

      Our promise

      As a dedicated team, our quest and promise throughout all of our processes include continuing to delight our local and international clientele with beautiful, appealing and exotic natural materials that are extracted under the African Sun.

      The delicate formation of natural stone products occurs over millions of years. This makes handling the procurement of this unique material a priority for the team at Africa Range.

      Our products

      We offer our clients a range of durable yet aesthetic natural stone solutions for use in residential and commercial environments. We supply solutions for the following applications:

      Looking for Design Ideas?
      Kitchen countertops

      From a modern styled kitchen to a timeless classic alternative, we have natural stone solutions to fit all designs. Natural stone not only adds unique beauty and sophistication to your space, but it also offers unrivalled durability


      Available in a variety of hues and finishes, our range of natural stone solutions are suitable for bathroom surfaces such as vanities and the like. These materials add a natural and luxurious look and feel to your bathroom whilst offering a practical surface that will last for years to come.


      Natural granite, marble and quartz materials are an exquisite addition to modern landscaping applications. Our materials are long-lasting and suited for unique creations in a range of colours and textures.


      Cobble paving is a popular and practical choice for its durable and everlasting qualities. We offer our customers extensive choices of sizes, textures and colours in products that all require little to no maintenance.


      For a truly unique piece to enhance your space, we create a variety of custom-designed natural stone furniture pieces. These pieces can be designed to any style, shape and size and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

      Stone lighting

      The qualities of natural stone, specifically alabaster, creates beautifully soft light thanks to its exquisite translucency. This allows for breathtaking crystal lighting solutions that are suited for indoor and outdoor spaces.


      Our natural solutions offer a luxurious feel to enhance the spa experience by adding to the sophistication of the environment. Our materials are practical and soothing and can be used for flooring, panelling and more, for an unparalleled ambience.


      For a highly durable yet low maintenance material suitable for outdoor use, natural stone is the superior décor choice. Our quality materials offer a practical, non-slip and UV resistant surface that still emit an air of elegance, ideal for use in lodge pools and pool surrounds.


      Due to its durable low maintenance qualities, natural stone materials are ideal for residential and commercial staircase applications. For external use, this material also offers a non-slip quality suited to all weather conditions.


      Our natural stone materials are the popular choice to create bespoke barriers or walling. These materials offer low environmental impact, are highly durable and are completely maintenance-free.

      If you are looking for environmentally conscious, reliable and quality granite suppliers, look no further. We are ready to discuss your requirements, simply contact our team to get started.