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    Quartz flooring
    Quartz flooring offers a whole new way to floor your home or business beautifully. This durable quartz and resin combination yields an impact-resistant surface suitable for high traffic areas. With its endless range of colour solutions, this natural stone choice can effortlessly fulfil your flooring dreams and ensure your space is one of harmony!

    The flexibility of this material allows more than endless customisation. Quartz flooring can be seamlessly installed over existing concrete or tiles. This hard-wearing material is also easy to maintain, making it ideal for those wanting a dust-free environment.

    Why quartz flooring is a popular choice

    • It is a durable solution suitable for all environments
    • This flooring offers unlimited colour opportunities
    • The non-porous quality of this material enhances its hygienic capabilities
    • It can be easily maintained and cleaned for years of use

    Design capabilities of quartz flooring

    Although quartz flooring is most popularly used in solid colours, this material offers a range of colour and pattern combinations to liven up any space. Quartz flooring is also available in various textures, including those that mimic the look and feel of other natural stone solutions. For every design style, quartz flooring has an option to suit your needs.
    Where can this flooring be used?

    Making design choices that suit your style, durability, and budget are never simple! Quartz flooring is an option that is beneficial to matching all these goals! Here’s where you might find this flooring most useful:

    Kitchens – Quartz lends itself well to high traffic areas like the kitchen. With its durability, it can withstand any spills or dropped items.

    Bathrooms – This water-resistant material can maintain its stunning appearance in any bathroom space. It is also slip-resistant.

    Laundry rooms – Similar to the considerations indicated for bathroom applications, quartz, it is a great solution for laundry rooms as it can withstand accidental water or detergent spills.

    Outdoor areas – It is suited to outdoor living areas, such as patios or around pools. Resistant to fading and staining, you can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

    What are the benefits of quartz flooring?

    Seamless quartz flooring offers a long list of benefits that have short and long term incentives. Here are some of our favourites:

    Can handle heavy impact

    The strength and durability offered by quartz makes it a perfect choice for high traffic areas as it is able to withstand rigorous use without becoming vulnerable to damage. The resin used to form this flooring also makes it scratch resistant.

    Low maintenance

    Unlike other natural stone solutions, quartz tiles do not require sealing or resealing in order to continue looking its best. With regular cleaning, this cost-effective material easily maintains its natural shine.

    Unlike some natural stone solutions, this material is completely slip-resistant, making them ideal for use in busy commercial spaces.
    The low porosity of this material means that it is unable to absorb liquids, which in turn adds significant stain resistance to its list of benefits. Quartz is also less susceptible to bacteria, reducing the risk of mould and mildew.
    High versatility
    Quartz can be seamlessly installed into virtually any environment. Whether you are interested in this flooring for your bathroom, kitchen, lounge outdoor entertainment area, it is a suitable choice.

    Quartz flooring maintenance

    Although quartz flooring requires low maintenance, it is still important to keep some key factors in mind to keep it looking stunning over time. Here are some tips to remember:

    • Although it is stain-resistant, always endeavour to clean spills up as soon as they occur.
    • Caution should be taken when moving large furniture pieces on this flooring, as deep scratches and dents can still occur.
    • All that is needed for successfully cleaning this flooring is a mixture of mild detergent and water.
    • Debris should be regularly swept up with a soft broom and vacuuming should be done carefully to avoid accidental scratches.
    For more information about our quartz flooring solutions, or to see the flooring designs we have available, please feel free to get in touch with the experts at Africa Range. Additionally, we are able to assist with a range of other product solutions with this material including quartz cladding, countertops and more.
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