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    The beauty of natural stone has been adored for centuries. Even today, there is no denying its stunning impact on interior design. Marble holds a certain sense of sophistication and qualities that few other stones can achieve. It is not shy of versatility, either! This is why marble countertops are the primary features of many modern homes.

    This natural stone is the pinnacle of many interior elements, from kitchen counters and bathroom vanities to staircases. Its inherent hypoallergenic surface and heat resistance allow it to remain cool and add to sleek, crisp environments. With a range of genuinely unique colours and patterns in our range of slabs, there is bound to be a combination that will offer your space the breathtaking feature it deserves!

    The origin of marble stone

    The term “marble” originates from the Ancient Greek words “marmaron” and “marmaros,” which means crystalline rock and shining stone, and accurately denotes the high quartz concentration that characterises this stone. Marble is essentially metamorphosed limestone, a transformation that occurs when limestone is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure. The distinct veins and patterns, hallmarks of marble, are formed during this metamorphic process. These veins in marble slabs are the result of mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron, chert, or oxides that were originally layered within the limestone. Furthermore, the varying colours of these veins are dictated by the different minerals present.

    For centuries, this natural stone has been a preferred choice for building and decoration due to its unique appearance. The complex formation process and mineral composition contribute to marble’s exquisite beauty and enduring popularity. At Africa Range, our marble solutions offer homeowners and architects an extensive selection, featuring enchanting and delicate veining.

    Where is Africa Range marble sourced?

    Our marble is sourced from stone quarries around the world. We extract large blocks of marble from our quarries and cut them into smaller, transportable sizes, which are then exported and cut into custom sizes to meet our clients’ needs.

    We have marble countertops available in various colours, ranging from cream and beige to grey, brown, and black, as well as a variety of patterns and finishes, affording our clients the freedom to choose a countertop that will suit their chosen interior design theme. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best in marble products. Our expert team is on hand to help you find the perfect marble solution for your needs.

    Why are marble countertops a superior choice?

    Besides its rich history and legacy, marble offers other advantages, making it a popular choice for countertops. Some of these advantages include:

    Flexible design capabilities

    Marble is easier to cut through than most other natural stone types, as it is less prone to chipping. Being comparatively easier to cut, marble allows for design flexibility and custom installations without the fear of damaging the slab.


    Although marble is known as a “softer” natural stone, it is still an exceptionally durable option for countertops and can withstand high traffic.

    Heat resistant

    Like many other stone types, marble is heat resistant, making it a suitable worktop choice. Even though it is heat resistant, care still needs to be taken to protect marble tops, which is why it is advised never to place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface.

    Allows for detailing
    Due to being a “softer” stone, marble allows for detailing. Custom edges and profiling are easier to achieve with marble. This is also the reason why marble was often used for the creation of beautiful statues.

    Although the perception is that marble is expensive, a few more affordable options are available. If you choose a marble slab that is more readily available on the market, the price tag is guaranteed to be more affordable.

    Sanitary & hygienic

    When sealed and properly cared for, a marble countertop’s surface can be just as sanitary and hygienic as a granite top’s surface, making it a suitable choice for kitchen counters.

    If you are eager to add sophisticated marble countertops to your home, be it in your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.
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