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    Porcelain is expertly manufactured with a mixture of clay, sand and minerals and baked at high temperatures to ensure a durable, non-porous cladding solution that is suitable for interior and exterior use in all environments.

    At Africa Range, we offer our clients a range of customisable solutions for high-quality porcelain cladding. Whether you are interested in porcelain for your residential or commercial environment, our team can assist with lasting materials.

    An alternative to natural stone

    Elevating the atmosphere of your space is often one of the top goals of any redesign. This is why the appearance of porcelain in cladding has taken interior design by storm as an alternative to natural stone solutions. While natural stone offers unique colour and pattern solutions, extreme durability and an overall luxurious feel, one may wonder why porcelain is on the table at all.

    It is these very qualities that have brought porcelain to the forefront for a variety of uses. The versatility of porcelain in comparison to natural stone is what makes this material so desirable for indoor and outdoor cladding.

    Porcelain can withstand harsh weather conditions making it the perfect choice for your outdoor use. The non-porous quality of our porcelain material allows for the protection against unwanted moulding or stains, meaning you can enjoy the beauty of this material for years to come.

    Maintaining porcelain cladding is just as easy as the cleaning required for natural stone cladding. All that is required to ensure that your porcelain cladding retains its sophistication for years to come is a simple mixture of soap and water to wipe it down.

    Long-lasting care is also easier to maintain as porcelain does not require sealing, or resealing, to maintain its most desirable features. This can save property owners plenty of time and effort in the long run of cladding maintenance.

    Top reasons to use porcelain for your cladding

    Porcelain offers unrivalled durability

    Although natural stone is known to wow for its incredible durability, porcelain matches this strength with added density. This makes it an ideal material for use throughout residential and commercial spaces as it is versatile and not susceptible to moisture damage.

    Porcelain is easy to maintain
    Design investments often require a specific and strict regimen of care to maintain their appearance. With porcelain, property owners can do minimum work and still enjoy the full potential of this material. For cleaning, porcelain requires a simple occasional wipe to look its best.
    Porcelain is cost-effective
    Unlike natural stone, porcelain does not require sealing to protect it which means that property owners will not have to reseal this material every few years. Compared to other affordable cladding solutions, this material is also less likely to incur repair costs as its durability ensures fewer breaks.
    Porcelain looks stunning
    For homeowners wanting to elevate the décor of indoor or outdoor walls, whether it be one or many, porcelain cladding is a perfect choice. This sought after material offers an air of sophistication and luxury to any space.

    Fully customisable porcelain cladding

    The majority of appeal that is brought forth with natural stone cladding lies in its various unique colour and pattern options.  These options can often be mismatched due to the natural formation of this rock.

    With porcelain materials, individuals can fully customise their cladding to the exact colour and pattern they desire to create a uniform visual design. Since the patterns for this material are entirely manufactured, a cohesive look can be easily created to a range of colour options.

    The appeal of this material also largely lies in the fact that porcelain can be manufactured to expertly mimic the unique designs offered in natural cladding, without compromising on quality. The ability to customise these slabs also allows for a more customised colour palette, making it easy to suit your cladding wants to your existing décor and interior design. UV resistance also ensures that outdoor porcelain cladding will stay true to its colour.

    If you would like to know more about our porcelain cladding, our expert team can assist. Additionally, we can assist with a range of other popular products such as porcelain flooring, tiling and more. Feel free to contact us for more information.
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