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    We supply stunning quartz countertops for use in residential and commercial environments. From chic city apartments to modern office spaces, we have a countertop solution that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. This highly durable countertop solution offers the look of natural stone, is scratch-resistant and is available in many colours. Each slab of Africa Range quartz is engineered to withstand the rigours of everyday use, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas where durability is key.

    What is quartz?

    Quartz is an engineered stone material that consists of quartz chips bound together by resin. This is then pressed into sheets, serving as the compound for quartz countertops. Our counters comprise approximately 93% quartz and 7% binding materials, including resins, polymers and pigments.
    quartz countertops

    Why choose quartz countertops?

    While some prefer 100% natural stone countertops, the benefits of quartz counters make many reconsider. Besides the appearance of this material being very similar, the benefits offered by quartz are almost identical to that of granite.

    These benefits include:

    • It is completely nonporous, making it stain-resistant.
    • It does not require sealing or resealing as granite countertops
    • Due to the resin blend, these countertops require very little maintenance.
    • Quartz is virtually indestructible, making it a superb long-term investment.
    • It offers more design possibilities, which makes it a more flexible choice.
    • It is availablein various colours, allowing for more décor possibilities.
    • Quartz tops are easy to keep clean and well-maintained.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Does quartz stain easily?

    Thanks to the resins and polymers mixed within the quartz, these countertops are resistant to staining. Quartz countertops are non-porous, which prevents staining substances from entering its pores, thereby preventing discolouration.

    How simple is it to maintain quartz countertops?

    Quartz tops are low maintenance and do not require sealing or resealing. To keep these countertops clean, all that is required is a mixture of mild detergent and water. No high-chemical products are needed for effective maintenance.

    Is quartz an affordable material?

    When compared to other natural stone countertops, quartz is a more affordable option. When taking all the benefits these tops offer into consideration, these tops are extremely cost-effective and function as a long-term investment for any property. Of course, the cost will depend on the thickness of the slab you require, how much material you need, the complexity of your installation, the quality of the stone, and other important factors.

    Are there certain cleaning products that should not be used on quartz?

    To protect your quartz tops, use only cleaning products with a pH balance between 5-8. Harsh cleaning products such as oven grill, toilet, drain, or furniture cleaners could cause damage to your countertop’s surface. If your countertop is exposed to such cleaning products, be sure to rinse with water immediately.

    Where is quartz most commonly applied?

    Most homeowners choose to apply quartz as kitchen or bathroom counters, but it is sometimes also used around fireplaces, for shower edges, as windowsills and as coffee tables. In the commercial sector, these tops are used as service, conference, and reception counters. Quartz tops are recommended for interior use only, as constant exposure to UV rays could cause discolouration.

    Can I fit any kind of sink into a quartz countertop?

    Yes, any type of sink can be fitted into your countertop. To ensure the best fit for application, our experienced team can accurately measure your space before manufacturing your quartz countertop.

    Are quartz tops seamless?

    Quartz is available in large sizes, but should you require a top bigger than our largest slab, it will need to be seamed. We have the industry experience to place and blend any seams to be virtually inconspicuous.

    Are quartz tops resistant to heat?

    As it is mixed with certain polymers, quartz tops are less heat-resistant than 100% natural stone. Therefore, care should be taken, and hot objects such as pots and pans should never be placed directly onto your countertop.

    If you could not find an answer to your specific question, or you would like to learn more about our range of quartz countertops, feel free to contact us directly.

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