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Natural Stone … greener living
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There is life in stone


Stone ingrained with geological & historical memories
Stone – faithful to nature

Beautiful Granite Slabs

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    Granite is an igneous rock that is formed from solidified molten material. The slow cooling of molten causes the growth of crystals which, depending on the minerals present, cause unique patterns and colours in the stone. Granite slabs are usually high in quartz, feldspar and mica.

    Our granite slabs have a particularly high quartz concentration which adds to their durability. Since granite is characterised as one of the toughest and most durable natural stone materials, it is a fantastic material to use for kitchen and bathroom counters, or flooring in high-traffic areas.

    At Africa Range, we have a variety of granite slabs on offer for our clients to choose from. No matter what their colour or style preference, we can guarantee a naturally stunning solution. From these slabs, clients can manufacture a range of products such as tiles, countertops, and more, to add a unique, natural stone element to their property.

    Why use granite or marble in your home?

    Choosing granite or marble slabs for your home’s architecture or furniture adds immediate value to your property investment. Granite and marble both have unmatched versatility, durability and resistance.

    Benefits of using granite slabs
    • Granite is the hardest stone found on earth
    • Heat does not deteriorate or burn granite
    • It is scratch-resistant
    • There are a large range of colours and patterns available
    • Granite can maintain its appearance for years
    • Granite has low porosity
    Benefits of using marble slabs
    • Marble is highly durable
    • It is shatter-resistant
    • Its natural beauty is a versatile style for any room
    • Marble has excellent heat resistance
    • Marble has a timeless elegance

    Quarrying for the best raw materials

    The process of quarry mining is necessary to extract raw materials from the earth, such as natural stone. Once retrieved, these raw materials are sent to be cut directly from the initial block and polished to reveal their true beauty before entering the final selection process.

    We continuously strive to source our raw materials sustainably, whilst aiming to provide our clients with a selection of unique slabs. Once you have chosen your desired slab, the process to have it fit your exact specifications can begin.

    Tip for caring for your granite slabs

    Although granite slabs are known to be a durable material, it is vital to still properly maintain them to enjoy many years of it looking its best. No matter where your granite is, here are a few tips to remember when handling its maintenance to prolong its beauty.

    Before your granite installation is complete, it is essential to ensure that a high-quality sealer has been applied. This will prevent staining from various liquids, as granite is comparatively porous when not sealed. Additionally, professionally sealing granite can prevent etching and makes cleaning much easier.

    Granite owners should be vigilant to clean up spills as soon as they occur. Even though sealer acts as a safety net to prevent staining, the porosity of granite should not be underestimated.

    Cleaning products that contain abrasive chemicals should not be used for cleaning granite slabs, as the sealant can be removed, leaving granite vulnerable. A simple mix of soap and water is all that is needed to successfully clean granite surfaces. A soft microfibre cloth can be used for dusting.

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      Natural Stone … greener living

      Unique, exotic cradle-to-cradle products
      There is life in stone
      Stone ingrained with geological & historical memories
      Stone – faithful to nature