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Natural Granite Stone: The toughest on the market

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    Granite is a predominantly light-coloured igneous rock that consists of large grains that are visible to the naked eye. This rock is composed mainly of feldspar, quartz and plagioclase, attributing to its red, grey, white, or pink colour. The unique colours of our granite stone slabs vary depending on where and how the stone was initially cooled, as well as the mineral that was most present in its composition.

    Granite is admired for its high durability and can withstand extreme conditions, making it the toughest natural stone solution on the market. Its ability to bear a significant amount of weight, paired with its excellent weathering resistance, makes it ideal for many building and renovating projects. Additionally, this natural stone offers an array of long-term benefits with its easy maintenance needs, hypoallergenic qualities and its water resistance once sealed. This stone is available in a wide range of stunning colours and patterns to bring a unique and exciting design quality to any space!

    Unique Stone Materials

    Our granite stone products are available in the following finishes:


    Leathering adds a unique texture to granite, makes it appear more matte and allows the surface to become non-slip. This finish is easy to clean and holds a pleasant feel that is practical and stylish for indoor and outdoor environments.


    A flamed finish is achieved by exposing the granite to intense flames that cause the surface to burst and become rough in texture. This finish can be applied to the majority of granite and is ideal for areas where a non-slip quality is required.


    A polished finish is attained by buffing out the surface of the granite to its most refined state. This results in a smooth glossy finish that gives the stone a rich yet elegant look, whilst enhancing its natural colours.


    A honed finish requires the granite to be buffed to just below its polished state, which creates a smooth yet dull appearance. This results in a softer matte look that lacks the reflective qualities of fully polished granite.

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