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Porcelain Countertops: The natural stone alternative

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    Porcelain countertops
    Porcelain countertops offer a sophisticated design and uniform look to any space. Although it is seen as a more affordable option than its natural stone counterparts, those who choose porcelain will not be compromising on quality.

    This material, which consists of mainly kaolinite and other minerals such as feldspar, metal oxides and silica, is produced when homogenized under high heat. As it is often made to mimic materials such as granite and marble, porcelain tiles can be made to resemble any pattern and colour you desire for your space. The uniformity of the design can also be replicated throughout your space as, unlike natural stone, porcelain’s designs are manmade.

    These non-porous countertops can manage more extreme temperatures than natural stone solutions, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. This material’s UV resistance also eliminates the risk of discolouration, ensuring its stunning appearance for years to come!

    This material offers more affordability than natural stone for many reasons. Porcelain slabs can be larger than natural stone, allowing for fewer seams and fewer materials to blend seams. Porcelain can thrive sealant free without harming its appearance, which not only reduces short-term costs but eliminates long-term costs often associated with resealing natural stone. Its versatility allows it to be installed over existing countertops, removing the need for demolition, saving time and money during this process.

    Reasons why porcelain countertops are a good investment:

    Porcelain is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to its beauty and affordability. Here are some of the notable advantages offered by porcelain countertops:
    Boost your property’s aesthetics

    Porcelain is a versatile material that can add luxury wherever it is applied. When choosing to install porcelain counters in your home, you are adding aesthetic value to your property without having to break the bank.


    When well maintained and cared for, porcelain countertops can last for years to come. Its durable nature makes it an ideal material to use in interior and exterior applications where high traffic is expected.


    Porcelain countertops are resistant to bacteria and are therefore ultra-hygienic, making them the ideal choice for applying in kitchens where food is prepared.

    Custom design opportunities

    Each of our porcelain slabs are cut in line with the client’s specific requirements and manufactured to their chosen design to be readily incorporated into their interior design. Whether you want to apply countertops along your entire kitchen wall, or you simply want to create a striking top for the island in your kitchen, our team can assist.

    Requires little maintenance

    One of the main reasons why property owners should choose to install porcelain countertops is because it requires virtually no short or long-term maintenance.

    Saves you money in the long haul

    When compared to natural stone, porcelain is a more affordable option. This is due to the fact that porcelain slabs can be larger than those of natural stone, which allows for fewer seams and fewer materials to blend seams. It also does not require a sealant or need to be resealed, to maintain its appearance.

    Different porcelain countertop finishes


    For those wanting a luxurious, shiny and reflective finish on their countertops, a polished finish will be best suited for their porcelain. The surface is buffed and polished to a mirror finish, giving the counters a high-end look.


    For more of a matte finish, porcelain countertops can be honed for a smooth satin-like feel. This finish also ensures that the porcelain is non-slip.

    How to clean porcelain countertops

    What adds to the appeal of these countertops is their easy maintenance requirements, though proper care should still be taken to preserve them to ensure years of use. For basic cleaning, all that is needed is a mild detergent or soap and warm water. Here are some top tips to remember to maintain porcelain countertops:

    • Mild and neutral detergents and soaps should be used to clean porcelain surfaces.
    • Ensure that the cloths used are non-abrasive to avoid accidental scratches.
    • Make sure to properly rinse and dry off your surface when cleaning.
    • Spills can be easily cleaned with water and a clean cloth.
    • Porcelain surfaces are resistant to acidic liquids, though caution should still be given to spills.

    For more on our porcelain countertops, please get in touch via phone or email.
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