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    Porcelain flooring is manufactured using fine clay particles that are fired at extreme temperatures to create a durable end material. Taking porcelain through this process results in a less porous surface and allows it to be characterised by its strength, hardiness and water resistance – which creates an ideal flooring choice that is prepped to suit any environment.

    An added bonus of this unique manufacturing process is that it allows it to mimic many other natural stone materials in appearance, making it a more cost-effective flooring choice that allows for the same aesthetics as popular stones like marble and granite. Porcelain flooring can also withstand heating systems, making it perfect for any climate.

    Maintaining porcelain flooring

    It is easy to get carried away with the benefits of porcelain flooring, though the durability and density characteristics that often take up the limelight are not the only advantages! This flooring choice is incredibly low maintenance, making it even more suitable for spaces that experience more foot traffic. This is because the resistance of porcelain allows spills to be easily cleaned, and the surface’s smoothness allows for hassle-free debris removal and disinfecting. Despite this, porcelain flooring should still be treated with care and regularly maintained to ensure long-lasting use.

    Extra care should be taken of the grout that lies between porcelain tiles, as this is still susceptible to stains. The grouting used for your flooring should be professionally sealed to avoid damage from regular use.

    Should you incur damage to one of your porcelain tiles, it is easy enough to repair. In the unlikely event that any repairs are necessary, it is always advised that a few extra tiles are purchased and kept when having your flooring installed. This will make colour matching easier.

    Design capabilities

    The highlight of choosing porcelain flooring is its ability to mimic other kinds of natural stone, for a fraction of the cost. This ensures property owners enjoy the benefits offered by porcelain without the long-term maintenance needed for natural stones like granite and marble – all whilst suiting a cost-effective budget! Porcelain is able to convincingly mimic materials like wood, bamboo and cork, making it ideal for all design preferences.

    Additionally, this flooring has a number of technical advantages. It is more resistant to staining and fading than many other types of flooring, and it is also more scratch-resistant. Thanks to the manufacturing process, porcelain floors are less likely to chip and break than ceramic floors, making them ideal for various spaces. These include kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patio areas and more.

    Important considerations for porcelain flooring

    When choosing flooring for your residential or commercial space, it is important to make certain considerations for its use. If you intend to place your flooring in a moisture-prone area, such as a bathroom or kitchen, it is important to consider that a specific finish should be applied to the flooring to make it non-slip.

    Although porcelain can imitate a variety of colours and patterns, it is vital to ensure that the final tile chosen for your space complements the interior or exterior design of the space.

    Porcelain is also a comparatively more difficult material to work with. Hence, it is advisable to have this professionally installed for the best result. The weight of this material should also be considered for the architecture of your space.

    The benefits of porcelain flooring

    Design flexibility

    Our high-quality porcelain tiles can be manufactured to mimic a range of traditional flooring solutions and are almost indistinguishable.

    High durability

    Porcelain ranks as one of the toughest flooring materials on the market. The density of this material allows it to handle stressful impacts without compromising on its quality, and it is highly suitable for commercial environments.

    Moisture resistant
    The superior density of porcelain makes it considerably more moisture-resistant than other popular flooring materials. This resistance can also be strengthened with the help of glaze, and for this reason, is ideal for use in bathroom spaces.
    Resistant to stains

    Our quality porcelain flooring offers high stain resistance, making it a worry-free flooring choice. Its inherent ability to repel liquid assists this stain resistance and makes cleaning up spillage easy.

    With proper care and maintenance, porcelain flooring can last for many years in any environment. This reduces long-term costs for repairs and replacement whilst offering high advantages for initial installation. For more information on what is on offer at Africa Range, such as our quality porcelain cladding, contact our team.
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