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    Decorative materials come and go, but quartz has withstood the test of time. As a popular material that has shone throughout centuries, it continues to provide an admired versatility in modern natural stone applications. Quartz cladding, in particular, is one of the best modern renovation additions due to its inherent eye-catching nature!

    What truly makes quartz unique is its endless colour and pattern possibilities. The minerals responsible for infiltrating this stone during its creation provide us with an endless palate to enjoy for our renovation adventures. Available in shades ranging from beige and silver to green, quartz cladding is the perfect way to create a feature wall in any space – no matter the colour preference you have.

    To add even more character, our cladding products are available in an assortment of finishes ranging from natural to polished. This cladding is a practical alternative for painting walls in high traffic areas as it is easy to clean and does not suffer from scuffs or chips in the same way that paint does. Quartz is also known for its incredible hardness, making it a durable choice.

    Feel free to browse through our selection of quartz cladding, or other products, to find the perfect product to enhance your property’s design.

    What are the benefits of quartz

    • Quartz is ideal for use in high traffic areas
    • It is an exceptionally durable material
    • It is easy to clean and maintain
    • There are numerous colour options
    • Quartz is UV resistant
    • It is heat resistant
    • It offers excellent stain resistance
    • It is more affordable than other stone options
    • Adds undeniable value to your property
    • Offers hypoallergenic benefits

    Where to use quartz cladding

    Quartz cladding does not have any limitations on where it can be used. It can be used in the following ways.
    Exterior walls

    Making your property visually show stopping inside and out has never been easier. Through adding quartz cladding to the exterior of your property walls, you can make it stand out! This stone solution is moisture resistant, making it a wonderful choice for adding protection to exterior walls whilst enjoying a long-lasting result suited to bracing the elements. Whether you are interested in a feature wall or covering the entirety of your property, we can assist with high-quality solutions.

    Everyone enjoys duality when making design choices for their kitchen space – which is where quartz cladding falls in! Adding this in your kitchen space can help ensure that your walls remain hygienic. But that isn’t all. This stone not only improves your space’s hygiene but adds stunning aesthetics that are easy to clean and maintain. The various finishes for our quartz can also help shift your interior design by adding texture or shine.
    Living Room

    There are many possibilities to add this technique to living rooms that will elevate the sophistication of the room. Cladding can be expertly installed around a fireplace or television to highlight that section of the room. Alternatively, cladding can be simply used to create a feature wall that brightens a space and adds texture to your overall interior design.


    The interior design of a bedroom can be taken from zero to out of this world by strategically adding a quartz clad wall. This stunning stone, with its endless range of colours, can be added behind the bed as a unique headboard or simply to highlight one wall or column. The allure of this material transforms bedroom spaces into a sophisticated and relaxing environment.


    Quartz cladding can be best utilised in bathroom spaces, but for more than its aesthetic qualities. Similar to the duality this material offers in kitchen spaces, it embraces the same for bathrooms! The inherent moisture resistance and hypoallergenic qualities of quartz make it ideal for cladding in bathrooms, proving a solution that will last for years to come.

    Outdoor Spaces
    This material offers high versatility for various spaces, but quartz cladding can be utilised outdoors on more than just the property’s exterior walls. Spaces outside of the home, such as balconies and patios, can be elevated with a touch of quartz. This can also be cleverly used in landscaping features for extra uniqueness.

    At Africa Range, we offer quality quartz cladding options. For more information on the unique colour and pattern solutions we can assist you with, please get in touch with our experienced team.
    Quartz cladding

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