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Cobble Paving: Get the classic cobblestone look!

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    Cobble paving has consistently grown in popularity due to the superior durability of natural stone. This paving is a great way to bring a classic look to your home that will last for many years to come. It is also a fun way to introduce new design elements and textures into your space. As a solution that truly has it all, these natural stone blocks are also stain-resistant, making them a practical, easy maintenance choice for outside use. In the unlikely event that a cobble block is damaged, these stones can also be easily replaced to revitalize existing paving.
    The customisation capabilities provided with cobble paving make them an easy choice for those wanting to complement finalised design choices. At Africa Range, we offer 100% natural stone solutions for paving in indoor and outdoor environments. Our team can also assist with expert insight into which material will best suit your aesthetic wants through our wide colour variety.
    Cobble paving

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    Natural stone has a high aesthetic appeal

    Our raw materials are 100% natural stone which gives our clients the peace of mind that their paving solutions will be of the highest quality. These stone solutions also offer a variety of colours and styles across the spectrum, making it easy to choose paving that will suit existing design aspects.

    Weather and stain resistant qualities

    When professionally sealed, this paving is stain-resistant. As a result, paving utilised for areas such as driveways are fully protected against oil spills and tyre marks. Should a stain occur, the stain-resistant seal makes it easy to clean. The overall weather resistance of cobble paving also makes it suitable for long-term outdoor applications.

    Cobblestones can be arranged in several ways for unique designs

    Cobblestone paving blocks are manufactured in a variety of easy-to-lay shapes that can be uniquely arranged according to your style desires. Whether you would like your paving to incorporate more than one paving block size or to be arranged in a circle, cobblestone pavers can assist.

    There are affordable options available

    Cobblestone paving is an affordable paving choice that does not compromise on aesthetics! Finding a suitable block that meets style and colour preferences without breaking the budget should be a breeze with the range of choices at your disposal.

    An eco-friendly solution

    We take great pride in being a sustainable and eco-friendly company, and our paving solutions reflect that! By choosing natural stone for your next project, you can enjoy your design addition with the knowledge that the material has been sustainably sourced.

    This is a load-bearing material, making it suitable for high traffic areas

    The inherent strength of natural stone makes it ideal for bearing heavy loads. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas, specifically for driveway areas as they can withstand the weight of vehicles without compromising the paving.

    Adds value to your home

    Besides the aesthetic benefits of using cobbles for outdoor areas, using cobblestones over traditional concrete solutions yield more benefits than just that. Since concrete is generally more porous, this is a better choice for its easy maintenance, stain resistance and extended lifespan. The overall ‘kerb appeal’ inherent in this paving option also adds to the value of your property.

    This paving is relatively easy to install

    Due to the nature of cobble, this paving option is relatively easy to install. Cobble blocks are cut and manufactured to hold specific shapes that can be set according to the existing space.

    Where can cobble paving be used?

    Although cobble paving is most commonly used in outdoor applications, this natural stone paving can be used in so much more! The brilliant weather and stain resistance of this material makes it an ideal construction choice for many property owners. Other practical benefits, such as its high-durability and non-slip capabilities, also gives it an edge in commercial driveways, walkways and general landscaping features.
    Considerations for your paving installation

    Whilst we provide high-quality cobbles, your paving is only as good as its installation. To ensure that your cobbles are installed correctly, we advise seeking the advice and assistance of a professional. Their industry insight will guide you towards flawless results, done right the first time!

    If you would like more information about the various styled cobbles available at Africa Range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and help you choose the perfect solution for your needs.

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      Cobble Paving

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