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    Granite flooring can offer a variety of practical and aesthetic benefits to any space. This versatile material is an excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces alike, guaranteed to yield years of use.

    At Africa Range, we offer a variety of exotic and unique products to bring life to your space.


    Why choose granite flooring?

    Adding granite tiles or flooring to your property, whether it be a residential or commercial space, is one of the greatest assets you can choose as part of your interior design. It offers excellent durability that will bring a lifetime of use, if correctly maintained.

    The strength of this natural stone flooring is of the best, meaning it is suitable to withstand high traffic areas and even factors like pet claws, without yielding any damage. When professionally sealed, it is also resistant to moisture, making it suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and other moisture-prone areas.

    The natural beauty offered is often one of the many reasons individuals settle on granite flooring for their property. Since this stone was created millions of years ago, it exhibits a truly unique look. No two granite slabs that are mined from our quarries are exactly alike, bringing a one-of-a-kind aspect to any building it is placed in.

    This very uniqueness also offers clients an array of stunning colours and designs that can diversify any space. The various finishes available can also alter the outcome of your granite flooring.

    Design considerations

    As experts in the field of 100% natural stone solutions, we know what should be considered when choosing a style of flooring for your space. Granite tiles have the advantage of bringing class and elegance to any space it is in, though a design and colour that is cohesive with the rest of your environment’s design should still be chosen.

    A polished finish, for example, is often more popular in living rooms, while granite with a leathered finish may be more suitable for a bathroom space as it is non-slip.

    Choosing this flooring for your space is already a bold move, your final look should not only be exotic but also of high quality. This is dependent on how your choice of slabs work alongside the other décor elements of your space.

    A popular design pairing is for light coloured walls to be implemented alongside contrasting granite to bring the space alive. Whether it is darker or lighter can also influence the space in your room, making it feel respectively smaller or larger.

    The main advantages of this natural stone flooring

    It is a long-lasting investment
    Due to the individuality of each slab, it is an extremely sought-after material for interior design. When purchasing granite flooring, you are immediately adding to the overall value of your property.
    Variety of distinctive colour choices
    The different colours and patterns offered may seem similar, but each slab that is retrieved from the earth is unique. This brings to your space a wow factor that won’t be found anywhere else.
    Granite is stain-resistant

    When properly sealed, granite is completely stain-resistant. This removes any concern associated with accidentally damaging your floors with a spill. Overall, cleaning is also easier as it only requires a mop with mild soap and water about once a week.

    Granite is completely hypoallergenic

    This is the perfect solution for those suffering from allergies. The hypoallergenic quality of granite allows for reduced symptoms of major allergies as it can significantly reduce the allergens present in the space.

    If you are interested in adding granite flooring to your residential or commercial space, we invite you to get in touch with the team at Africa Range for more information.
    granite flooring

    For a luxurious looking end product, granite can be polished by buffing the surface to its most refined state. Polishing granite leaves it with a smooth and reflective elegant look that enhances its natural beauty.


    Honed granite is achieved by buffing the stone to the point just before its polished state. This creates a smooth yet soft appearance. This is the matte alternative to polished granite as it does not hold any reflective qualities.


    For individuals looking for textured granite, a leathered finish makes the granite appear more matte and allows it to be non-slip. It is also suitable for a stylish indoor or outdoor flooring solution.


    Flamed finished granite is exposed to intense flames which causes it to burst, resulting in a rough to the touch texture. This finish is particularly ideal for those looking for a non-slip surface, making it suitable for outdoor use.

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