Born of a concept to bring to light an exotic & unique range of materials that lay dormant under the untouched desert sands of Namibia, the Africa Range ® was unearthed more than 2 decades ago

From granites, to marbles, to natural quartzites and alabasters, the Africa Range Group of companies has progressively consolidated its position in the forefront of supplying natural stone choices to its local and international clientele.

Rich, warm & subtle, or bold, majestic and prestigious materials that all carry the “100% natural” status. Our impressive portfolio continues to grow with each new quarrying location discovery.

Our company has surpassed its mission to supply top end products across a full spectre of applications, from interiors to exteriors. We have embraced the ever-growing and powerful “green building movement” , a trend that ensures better quarrying practices and more responsible social & environmental responsibilities towards precious mother earth.

Modern facilities guarantee uninterrupted supply of dimensional blocks which are converted to polished, leathered or waterjet slabs using the latest technologies.

Constant upgrades ensure we work to maximum productivity to meet exacting international standards.

Our client service is second to none !

The Range is vastly suited to a wide variety of applications, including work tops, cladding, flooring, decking, swimming pool surrounds, paving and bespoke interior and exterior designs.

Our quest and our promise …

To continue to delight our local and international customers with ever more beautiful, appealing and exotic natural materials extracted from under the African Sun.