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About Us

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    Africa Range was unearthed more than 20 years ago under a concept to bring the exotic and unique materials that lay dormant in the untouched desert sand of Namibia to the surface. Now, with years of experience behind us, we bring our local and international clientele a range of natural stone choices, from granite and marble to quartz and alabaster.

    At the forefront of natural stone suppliers, we ensure that all of the prestigious materials that we carry in our portfolio have a 100% natural stone status. We strive to grow our extensive portfolio with each new quarrying location discovery to keep bringing our clients’ unique options that will leave them awestruck.

    Our mission

    Our company has surpassed its mission to supply top of the range products across the full spectrum of applications for interior and exterior use. Our modern facilities guarantee an uninterrupted supply of dimensional blocks that are converted to polished, leathered or waterjet slabs by utilising the latest technologies.

    We continuously upgrade our facilities to align with the best practices and technologies to ensure maximum productivity and that we continue to meet exacting international standards. We apply this same attitude to our client service for wholesale and retail sales.

    We have a broad range of materials suited for various applications, including worktops, cladding, flooring paving and more. Find out how to impactfully add natural stone to your space by reaching out to our team.

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      The Green Building Movement

      We have fully embraced the ever-growing and powerful “green building movement”, which strives to improve quarrying practices to better align with the social and environmental responsibilities necessary to preserve the earth as far as possible.

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