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    Natural marble stone is only one of the remarkable materials we specialise in. This stone is a naturally metamorphosed limestone created far beneath the earth’s surface when limestone was exposed to high pressures and temperatures. Today, we know this stone as a widely popular centuries-old design choice that continues to draw attention due to its aesthetically pleasing visual qualities and artistic aura.

    Marble slabs are extensively used for various interior and exterior products, from those that form part of architectural functions to those for decorative purposes. Hotels include it in flooring to elevate their brand, whilst homeowners add it to countertops to round up a sleek and timeless finish.

    Whatever you desire from our marble slabs, we can assist with products created with a unique set of colours and patterns to suit your exact décor needs.

    Unique Stone Materials

    Kunene White Marble

    04 Kunene-White-Marble-material-image

    Alabaster Nude

    01 Alabaster-Nude-material-image

    Crystal White

    06 Crystal-White-material-image

    Namib Cloud

    03 Namib-Cloud-material-image

    Our marble products are available in the following finishes:


    Polished marble is achieved by using fine abrasives to remove all surface flaws. This creates a smooth, shiny reflective sheen that emits an air of sophistication. Polished marble gives the stone a distinct colour depth that otherwise cannot be achieved.


    Marble that has been honed acquires a unique matte appearance, rather than the distinctive shine given in polished marble. This finish appears more natural and is more resistant to scratching. This finish is also less slippery when wet, making it suitable for flooring.


    A brushed marble finish adds a slight texture to the surface without making it rough to the touch. This finish does not have the sheen of polished marble but rather a classic and timeless weathered look that is more matte in appearance.

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