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    Granite cladding is a décor feature that meets the requirements of both the traditional and adventurous. The large range typically available in granite stone makes it easy to add a natural touch to the interior or exterior of your property. Cladding’s versatility also makes it ideal for decor features with carefully chosen finishes to make an impactful interior design.
    Of the several cladding options commercially available, natural stone is one of the most luxurious and durable. This material is fast becoming a more affordable choice as production technology improves and new products and techniques are developed.
    With Africa Range, you are bound to find the exact cladding option you have been looking for. Our granite cladding is cut from natural granite stone and fitted to the unique specifications of your surface. It can be used on interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors, columns, fireplaces and even furniture – which means the possibilities are truly endless!

    The benefits of granite cladding

    We are specialist granite suppliers and manufacturers, offering a vast selection of cladding options, available in a selection of colours and finishes, ensuring our clients are able to find something that truly meets their design requirements.

    Besides its aesthetic appeal, you can expect these features:

    • Thoroughly protects interior and exterior surfaces
    • Improves the surface’s resistance to all weather conditions
    • It requires very little long-term maintenance
    • Cladding absorbs sound waves, thereby offering sound insulation
    • External applications offer effective heat insulation, unlocking savings in heating costs
    • Greatly increases the appeal and value of your property
    • Suitable for all weather climates
    • It is relatively easy to install
    • It offers a timeless, stylish look that will outlast years of design trends
    • It is an easy way to liven up the exterior of your home in a unique manner

    Why choose this cladding?

    Adds aesthetic appeal to your space

    Whether adding aesthetic appeal to your space is the goal or not, cladding always adds a stunning decorative element to the space it is in. No matter the style or colour you choose, wall cladding always brings life to the space.

    Adds protection to your walls

    Besides the added aesthetics, stone cladding offers protection to your walls. It helps protect from weather extremities, surrounding pollution, cracks and damage from occurring to the wall itself. Furthermore, adding this to external walls provides excellent heat insulation.

    Easy to maintain

    Due to the longevity of natural stone, this is an easy maintenance solution that can last for years without breaking. The stones’ heat resistance and durability makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use and only needs to be cleaned with water to restore its natural shine.

    A sound investment
    This cladding is more than just a fancy design choice for your home! It is a sound investment that will show its benefits for years to come. With the vast range of finishes and colours to choose from, we offer something for everyone. Not only will you be adding value to your property, but this décor item will also last many years into the future.

    There are many benefits to cladding with natural stone. With the vast range of finishes and colours available, cladding is an ideal choice for adding value and beauty to any residential or commercial space. For more information about our high-quality natural stone solutions, and how we manufacture them to your exact dimensional needs, be sure to contact our experts.

    Where can granite cladding be used?

    It can be applied to the interior or exterior of any building in a variety of application designs. Cladding can be done with geometric blocks, in a specific style, or irregularly sized pieces. Additionally, each type of granite emits its own aesthetic.

    Our solutions can be used in a variety of applications. For indoor solutions, cladding is best used for feature walls in homes, for room insulation and in bathroom spaces. Due to the abundance of granite options, property owners have a vast selection to choose from for their needs, throughout all colours and textures.

    This cladding is also a fantastic alternative to building stone walls form scratch – a task that can be expensive and time-consuming. If you are interested in granite cladding for your residential or commercial property, feel free to contact our team.
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