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Natural Stone Countertops for all Interior Styles

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    Natural stone countertops are about more than practicality and durability. Property owners who choose to install stone tops in their kitchen, bathroom or vanity space often do so because they wish to add a luxurious and natural style to the interior design of their space – and they know the best way to achieve this is through the beauty of natural stone!

    Natural stone countertops add value to any property and act as an impressive feature that is sure to wow guests. These stone tops can also impress potential buyers should you ever decide to sell your home or commercial space.

    At Africa Range, we understand this, which is why we have a wide selection of beautiful 100% natural stone countertops on offer. We offer the most popular natural stone materials in a variety of hues and finishes to ensure that our clients find the exact kitchen or bathroom countertop surface they are searching for.

    Our selection includes:

    We have a selection of 100% natural stone countertops available that are perfectly suited for domestic and commercial requirements. Our stone selection includes:


    With its antibacterial qualities, granite has become a favourite choice for many kitchen countertop designs. Besides its practical advantages, this natural stone offers a visually striking impact and, once installed, will immediately add significant value to your property.


    Marble is a popular choice for domestic and commercial bathroom counters as it adds a sense of sophistication and luxury when installed. This stone is known for its moisture resistance, which makes it a durable option for areas where moisture exposure is a possibility.


    Quartz is an engineered stone material and can be provided in a wide range of colours to meet our clients’ style requirements. Its resistance to denting or chipping makes it a practical option for kitchen counter installations.


    Due to the larger slab sizes of porcelain and its lightweight quality, fewer cuts and seams are required for a successful installation. The lack of porosity in this material also makes it considerably less vulnerable to staining and mildew damage. 

    Reasons why natural stone countertops are a good investment:

    Natural stone has become a popular countertop material, not only because of its beauty and sophistication but because it is a durable, long-term investment.

    Here are some of the main advantages offered by stone countertops:

    Boost your property’s value

    Natural stone is a timeless material that adds luxury wherever it is applied. When choosing to install natural stone countertops, you are adding value to your property which increases its marketability should you choose to sell.


    When properly maintained, sealed and cared for, the longevity of natural stone countertops over other materials is unsurpassed. The durable nature of stone countertops is ideal for high traffic associated with common countertop spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


    Natural stone countertops are resistant to bacteria and are therefore ultra-hygienic, making them the ideal choice for application in kitchens. To enhance these tops’ sanitary qualities, they can be sealed, making them easier to clean and maintain.

    Custom design opportunities

    Each of our natural stone slabs are cut in line with our client’s specific requirements, making it fully customisable and ready to be incorporated into any interior design. Whether you want to apply countertops within your entire kitchen or you simply want to create a striking island top, our team can assist you with a stone countertop of choice.


    When installed and maintained correctly, natural stone countertops can last a lifetime. With the right care, your granite or marble counter will retain its original beauty and finish for decades.

    Requires little maintenance

    One of the main reasons why so many property owners choose to install natural stone countertops in their kitchens or bathrooms is because it requires very little maintenance and retains its beauty for many years. When properly sealed and cared for, your stone countertops will simply need to be wiped with a wet cloth and mild detergent to keep them clean.

    Besides our natural stone countertops in granite or marble, we also offer brilliant quartz and porcelain solutions. These countertops offer immense value and beauty for property owners looking for a natural stone solution.

    To help ensure that our clients’ natural stone installations are established for the long term, we offer a range of application and maintenance products, including professional sealant, adhesives and grout.

    For more on our natural stone countertops, please get in touch with our team.
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