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    Natural granite tiles are highly durable and impact resistant, making them the practical choice for flooring needs in high traffic areas, typically found in commercial spaces. Of exceptional aesthetic, thanks to the range of colours and finishes available, they bring an air of modern elegance and sophistication to any room or commercial establishment. 

    Across the natural resource spectrum, granite ranks second in hardness, outperformed only by diamonds.  This quality translates to exceptional durability in the material, virtually invincible to the elements and making it a suitable material for floor tiles, even in outdoor settings. Long lasting, resistant to scratching and pressure from higher end volumes of foot traffic, granite flooring delivers years of use.

    Granite possesses two physical properties that determine its unique appearance – it’s colour and its texture. These properties vary greatly between each block of granite that is mined. There are also slight differences to each slab of granite, making each tile truly one of its kind! This slight inconsistency in granite is what gives this natural stone its charm and ability to light up any space. From dark charcoals to luscious creams, granite truly has a colour to suit all tastes.

    Our natural granite tiles are available in the following finishes:

    • Polished
    • Honed
    • Leathered
    • Flamed
    To ensure a successful and lasting installation of your natural granite tiles, we also offer a selection of high-quality adhesives and other application products at Africa Range. Our finishing products include sealants, grouts, and adhesives that have been specifically created for the application of natural stone products.

    How is granite formed?

    Granite is a naturally occurring stone that formed in the earth millions of years ago when magma solidified under heavy pressure. This magma cooled with varying quantities of quartz, feldspar and mica which allowed the unique colours and patterns we see today. This is now known as an igneous rock that is mined from quarries to bring us the stunning granite slabs which are manufactured into a variety of granite solutions, including tiles.

    The colour of granite originates in the way that it is formed.  The mineral proportions within the subterranean magma from which granite originates varies greatly and it is this extent of variation that influences the ultimate colours of each individual block. 

    Elevate the design of your granite tiles

    These tiles can be cut to a variety of sizes, offering customisation flexibility for the desired layout and design of any tiling solution. Over and above the uniqueness this natural stone material offers, individuals can now customise their granite tile feature to size as well.

    This tiling solution is fantastic for kitchen backsplashes and can be used alongside granite flooring to build a cohesive space. When using this tiling alone, individuals can add a truly distinct look to their kitchen.

    These tiles can be brought into bathroom spaces through tiled flooring and wall panels. Granite’s durability, amongst many other beneficial qualities, makes it suitable for use in virtually any space. It is an extremely popular choice for bathroom tiling, thanks to the feeling of luxury and relaxation it imparts.  Although granite is most commonly cut to size for countertop applications, a tiled alternative offers freedom of easy installation and a cohesive look across the board.

    Overall, granite tiling is ideal for flooring for indoor and outdoor spaces. The versatility of this material, coupled with the range of aesthetically striking finishes offered, makes it a good choice for bringing value to any property, whether it be residential or commercial space. 

    Why choose our natural stone?

    Natural stone tiles are a popular choice for interior and exterior designs for their beauty and elegance. These tiles have been utilised throughout interior design for decades for everything from standard tiled flooring to creative kitchen backsplashes because of their individuality and versatility. The authenticity of natural stone also adds magic to any space. The quality granite used to manufacture our tiles are 100% natural stone and all mined with greener living in mind.

    Natural stone is preferable as a tiling option because it will keep your space comfortable throughout all seasons. During the warm summer months, your tiles will stay cool to the touch, while in winter they will keep you warm when coupled with radiant heating technology.

    At Africa Range, we believe that our stone is ingrained with historical and geological memories. This is why we endeavour to retrieve this stone in a way that is sustainable and faithful to nature. For more information on our selection of tiles, please feel free to contact our team.

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