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Porcelain tiles: The perfect flooring for high-traffic areas

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    Porcelain is made using white clay, finely ground sand and feldspar. This mixture is fired at high temperatures to produce this durable material, making porcelain tiles a fantastic choice for flooring applications in high-traffic areas.

    Maintaining porcelain tiles

    When selecting new flooring for your space, whether it be residential or commercial, a primary question should be: How much maintenance will this need? It is this answer that makes porcelain such a popular choice! Tiles made from this material offer low maintenance as it only requires semi-frequent sweeping or vacuuming.

    When mopping or cleaning these tiles, all harsh chemicals should be avoided as these products are often corrosive to porcelain. Mild detergent and water will keep these tiles spotless. It is also important to remember that once cleaned, all detergents should be thoroughly rinsed from the surface.

    Benefits of using porcelain tiles

    Moisture resistance

    The manufacturing process for these tiles render a product that is denser and less porous, making it a highly moisture resistant solution. These tiles are ideal for damp areas, like bathrooms and kitchens.
    The same qualities that give porcelain its resistance to moisture, render it highly stain resistant. The density of this material makes maintenance easy, as spills can be easily cleaned without concerns for staining.
    Long lifespan

    When choosing a tiling solution for your property, whether it is for flooring or walling, your final choice should give you long term use as an investment in your space. These tiles do just that. The durability and versatility of these tiles ensure a long lifespan when properly maintained.

    Low maintenance
    Porcelain has a variety of beneficial qualities, though its low maintenance needs may be one of the best! These tiles can be easily cleaned with soap and water to offer years of exceptional use. It also does not require sealing or resealing, which makes it a cost-effective flooring choice in the long run.
    Endless design possibilities
    The engineered factor of porcelain tiles allows them to be fully customizable. These tiles are popular for emulating other popular natural stone products, such as marble. For every design concept, there is a colour, pattern and size solution that perfectly fits your needs.
    High durability
    When installed professionally, this tiling option can be reinforced for extra strength to make it a more suitable flooring solution for high traffic areas, in any environment.
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Unlike some natural stone solutions, porcelain is suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its moisture resistance makes it suitable for exterior use without compromising the quality of the tile.

    Design capabilities

    The beauty of this tiling option is that it can imitate a variety of natural stones for a fraction of the cost. This ensures homeowners enjoy the benefits of porcelain without concern for the long-term upkeep of counterpart natural stone like granite or marble. Furthermore, this tile is more resistant to stains and fading than numerous other flooring materials because of its composition. It is also scratch-resistant as a result of the manufacturing method.

    It is no surprise that this flooring has become increasingly popular in various residential and commercial settings. Its ability to be reinforced to make it ideal for withstanding high traffic without increasing maintenance requirements makes it an obvious choice for style and versatility! From bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes, you won’t be disappointed when selecting this tiling.

    Besides the endless design opportunities available through porcelain, individuals can also choose to have their tiles finished with one of the following:

    Polished tiles

    For those wanting a reflective finish to their tiles, polished porcelain is an excellent choice. This finish reinforces the material’s scratch and stain resistance and is a wonderful choice for a variety of applications – from flooring to countertops.

    Honed tiles

    Honed tiles offer a smooth and satin-like feel to the porcelain. This finish strengthens the material with a non-slip quality, making this a popular finish for tiles destined for bathroom or kitchen flooring.

    At Africa Range, we have a selection of porcelain tiles on offer, in assorted sizes and colours. Get in touch with us to browse through our available options or to get working on a personalised solution.
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