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    No other natural stone material will add a touch of luxury to your home the way marble can. As one of the most popular natural stones on the market, marble tiles help you do this in a variety of ways.

    These tiles are most commonly applied with a polished finish, which offers a smooth, shiny and sophisticated feeling to any room!

    High-quality natural stone has a natural translucent quality that reflects light brilliantly. This creates a unique yet subtle, aesthetically pleasing glow in your space and can also contribute to making your space feel bigger.

    Our tiling solutions are available in a variety of colours, enabling them to match any style of home or décor.

    Maintaining marble tiles

    Who would not enjoy the natural durability offered by marble? This material is perfect for a range of applications and, with proper cleaning and maintenance, can offer years of use whilst still looking as good as new. To maintain this natural stone flooring, keep the following steps in mind when cleaning:
    • Before cleaning, the surface should first be wet with clean water. This can be done using a damp mop or spray bottle.
    • A mild, non-acidic cleaner should be used according to its instructions alongside a soft cloth or mop.
    • Once gently cleaned, the surface should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove all detergent residue.
    • Thereafter, the surface should be adequately dried using a soft cloth.

    Things to avoid when maintaining marble tiles

    Just as there are specified requirements that should be used when cleaning your tiling, there are also certain things that should be avoided to ensure long-lasting use.

    Since acidity causes this natural stone to be vulnerable to staining and etching, all acidic items, whether it be food or cleaners, should be avoided on marble tiles. Other abrasive cleaning agents should also be avoided to maintain the tile sealant for a longer period.

    Should you have marble flooring, vacuums and harsh bristled brooms should be used with caution when cleaning and removing debris to avoid unwanted surface scratches. Although safer, brushes and non-microfibre cloths should also be used cautiously.

    Where to use marble tiles

    The versatility of this tiling option stretches further than their vast colour palette. This highly sought-after natural stone tile solution can be cut into many shapes and sizes to offer design versatility and a truly unique touch to interior décor. The qualities of these tiles make them best to use in the following manner:

    For bespoke kitchen counters

    Marble is a popular choice for kitchen designs, specifically for kitchen counters. Tiles present an ease-of-fit to introduce this stone into any space.
    For stunning kitchen islands

    As a popular material for kitchen spaces, marble can also be utilised to highlight kitchen islands in a fun and unique way. With tiles, your island can be flipped from plain to one-of-a-kind!

    For exceptional kitchen backsplashes
    This stone is a great way to create unique kitchen backsplashes. Should you have natural stone flooring, this is a fantastic design concept to bring your space together.
    For versatile bathroom floors
    When honed, marble is completely non-slip, making it safe and practical for use in bathroom spaces. Add an air of luxury to your bathroom with stunning natural stone tiling.
    For superb shower and bathtub walls

    The elegance of marble makes these tiles an excellent choice for shower and bathtub walls. This natural stone tile will open your space with its translucent qualities.

    For eye-catching fireplace features

    From the kitchen to the bathroom through to living rooms, this flooring choice is truly adaptable to your needs! These tiles are perfect to use as a feature for your fireplace, or around television units.

    As experts in the field of all things natural stone, the team at Africa Range has the know-how throughout the process of adding marble tiles to your space. From ethically retrieving this beautiful stone, to cutting it to your specific sizing requirements, we offer only the best service. For more information, feel free to get in touch.
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